This combined team has 20+ years of experience in conquering pest control. We are a team that believes the top priority is making sure that our customers feel secure and understand the services we are providing for them. We guarantee not only our work but our ability to make you feel comfortable that your pest concerns are under control. We are dependable, reliable and a local friend who is here to help you.

Kristin Flora

Kristin Flora, the owner, was raised on a farm and is no stranger to hard work. She graduated from Purdue with degrees in AgriBusiness Management, Communications and Organizational Leadership & Supervision. Her passion for giving back and ensuring excellence in everything she touches is contagious. This is evident not only through Premier Pest Control’s values and standards, but pours out of the team thanks to her leadership.

The 'Late' Dennis Felix

- our founder - 10-31-2021

Prior to October 1, 2019 Dennis Felix owned Premier Pest Control for 20+ years. He was a beloved member of the community and quickly became friends with everyone he met.
He had a heart for people and always took time with each client to ensure he met their needs and solved their problem. We are incredibly blessed to have been able to share in his wisdom and guidance as we continue to grow.
Thank you, Dennis, for the training, education, and being such a wonderful example of dedication, hard work and humility! We are committed to carry on your legacy!

Peggy Stone

Peggy is the voice of Premier Pest Control. When you call – she answers. A school teacher by education, she has owned a variety of personal businesses before joining Premier Pest Control. She is smart, pays close attention to detail, thorough, has a heart for people and does what is right. She works tirelessly to make sure customers’ needs are satisfied.

John Stone

John is licensed as a technician for pest control and for wood destroying insect inspections and treatments, including termites. He comes to us with 35+ years of extraordinary customer care as a Community Pharmacist, a retail sales associate, professional sales, and sales management. He is committed to meeting customer needs by listening to and then guiding customers to choose the right approach. Having been trained by the “Late” Dennis Felix, (founder of Premier Pest Control), John is committed to lead by example in building on the tradition of customer service that Dennis established for our company.

Brant West

Brant is our full-time technician, He is licensed pest control and for wood destroying Insect inspections and treatments, including termites. He has over 14+ years in big box retail management experience and has a heart for customer service and doing what is right. He is a licensed technician and is constantly studying and learning about all the options available for optimal pest control, from Integrated Pest Management through treatment. He takes time to understand each client’s needs and then explains what might work best for a solution to their pest problem.

Team in Action